lunes, 2 de julio de 2012


Well, another month. We're in summer, the season of holidays and fun. I let down the photo representing the month, which is made in the Yellowstone National Park, in the U.S.,where appears a beautiful countryside. If you want to see the interview with the photographer and all the data about how was ir made click this link:http :/ /

This month I suggest the theme of the place of your summer vacation to coment all of you. I see that I have many comments and that there are almost always the same people, so I encourage you to write again. It is a good way to share opinions and "discuss" on different topics.
I already said before that we can talk about anything, provided it is done respectfully. In case anyone does not know, comment is free and easy.Also you don't need to be registered anywhere so, you can write as anonymous or just put your name or a nickname for how to address you. I'd suddenly have a lot of comments ready to read and answer you as soon as I could.
Well, I'm very happy because we have already surpassed the 300 visits (Applause), and I ask  that if you like this blog comment it to your friends, family ... Together we can make this something big, because IT IS NOT MY BLOG, IT´S OF ALL OF YOU.
Now  I have much more time so I will open a new "section" called My book, which as you could have inferred from his name (I have not spent much  thinking that),talks about different books which I have read with their respective criticism, its stars, a summary ... Finally, all of you can also comment on them, so that I will publish your opinions and  a final score of that book.Fot that I need your help, and you can also suggest books that I haven't  spoken, it is your decision.

And after this tirade, is dismissed servant. Be happy ;)

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